Meridian Hill Park, Washington, DC
August 4, 2018

Join us for CivicFest 2018! #Letsgetcivic

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Attention: Due to rain, CivicFest will now be held on Saturday, August 4th


What is CivicFest?

The goal of CivicFest is to rekindle our sense of hope in the possibilities for a better world and inspire us to come together to build stronger communities through practical action in the arts, environment, tutoring and mentoring, advocacy and a range of other areas. Join us on August 4th at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park – within walking distance of both the Columbia Heights and U Street Metro Stations- to reawaken our hope in a better world and the courage and commitment to make it a reality.

Click here to watch our CivicFest 2018 promotional video!

By bringing together a diverse group of people who come from a collection of different backgrounds and communities, we hope to rally the surrounding area to care more for their neighbors, and the people around them.By promoting music, the arts, volunteering, and advocacy, we are starting a grassroots movement, right here in DC, to inspire people, and show that we all care about the world around us.

The DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative and Washington Parks and People are working together in order to put this event on, and all we ask is that people show up and have a good time! We will be having various guest speakers and workshops in order to educate people about their communities, and you can keep an eye on our “schedule” tab to see what speakers and performers we will be showcasing! Click the link below to visit the CivicFest Eventbrite to sign up today! Click here to visit the DC Tutoring & Mentoring website!

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Heal and Release DC

CivicFest is partnering with Heal and Release DC to bring you a full day of activity & purpose!

There’s no truer way to honor or pay homage to those that cleared the path than to pave the way for those to follow.

CivicFest supports MOJUGBA & GetOpen Sessions for the next stop of the 2018 GetOpen Sessions Park Tour — a family friendly event creating a space for souls of all ages to celebrate & honor cultural diversity & legacy. Join us in the park for a day of mind/body/spirit wellness through YOGA, QIGONG, REIKI, spiritual ATUNEMENTS and DANCING to classic, world, soulful, deep and afro HOUSE MUSIC.

Learn more by clicking the link below to visit the Heal and Release DC Eventbrite

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